St. Peter's Church (Faji) has a number of society from which any member can join and contribute to the work of God. click on any of the link below to display the seclected society.

Anglican Altar Servers Guild Founded: 1964

Anglican Altar Servers Guild was established as a result of the need to identify with the Church as a body. Aims and Objectives: To assist celebrant at Eucharist i.e. the consecration and administration of the Holy Communion.

Motto:In Christ we serve.

Anglican Youth Fellowship Founded: 1952

The society was founded in Nigeria by Bishop L G Vining in 1974
In 1952 Dr. A.O Senbanjo established same fellowship in St. Peter's church (Faji).
Aim and Objectives
To encourage youth members of the church to imitate the life of Christ
To build up the youth in the church to become good and constructive citizen
List of founding Members
Dr. A O Senbanjo
Late Bro. C A Ogunmefun
Chief Bode Ogunlana
Bro L.A.G Adefuye
Bro Diran Odediran
Sis. O Oluwole (nee Ogundipe)
Sis B Ogunlana (nee Adeleye)
Bro Kayode Ogunro
Bro. Tunji Adeyeye
Former. Miss Lanre Olufowokan
Bro. Tunji Dawodu
Bro. I O Onasanya
Sis. Biola Aiyeola
Sis. Peju Adebajo
Bro. W. Falodun
The Grand Patron of the AYF (Faji) was the Late Papa G A Ige (OFR)
Affiliated to The National body of AYF through the Lagos Diocesan Council and Lagos Archdeaconry Council of the AYF
Motto: Fellowship in Christ

Busy Bees Founded: September 21st 1952

The need to create more societies in the church to consider new ideas, aim at new objectives and utilize things from a new perspective Aim and Objectives To stress the importance of personal relationship and Christian fortitude To participate in church activities and help the poor To love one another List of founding members Mrs. Fannu I Gansallo-President Mrs. Foluso Fasina-Secretary Mrs.Nike Thomas-Treasurer Miss Joannah Vincent Motto: Be busy in the Lord's vineyard Affiliations The society is a member of the busy bee council. An interdenominational body of busy bee societies

Christian Companions Founded: June 2nd 1968

A realization of Late Hon. Justice Olumide's dream conceived in 1976 to bring together the young and aspiring professionals in the church with the set objective of providing the church with a hall for children's services Aim and Objectives To offer moral and financial assistance and support to the church To encourage members to uphold the teachings and norms of the Christian faith To actively participate in all the church activities To encourage moral and financial support to worthy causes within and outside the church List of foundation members Late Chief P A Ogunsanwo Late Chief M M Sadipe Dr A O Senbanjo Mr. Peju Adebajo Chief Biola Aiyeola Mr. A A Hasstrup Mr. A a sanya Late Mrs. S a Agbalajobi Late Mr. A O Ojudun Late Chief C I Ijimakinwa Mr. E I Akinmade Mr. G O Solarin Prince D O Odunusi Mr. Lai Somorin Mr. J O Olowe Late Mr A A Green Ven. L L Eso Mr. D O Akinmulere Mr. O O Mate Engr. E K O Sotire Christopher Adelaja Affiliations Affiliation / identified with same society in other churches including: The Christian companions Emmanuel Church, Isonyin Ijebu-Ode The Christian Companions, St. John's Church Aroloya Lagos The Christian Companions, Freeman Methodist Church, Ogbe Ijebu Ode The Christian Companions, Anglican Church of Ascension Opebi Ikeja Lagos Ladies Christian Companions, Freeman Methodist Church, Ogbe Abeokuta.

Christian League. Founded: 29th May 1908

The need for greater interaction amongst members in the Church Aims and Objectives: To cater for members and assist in upholding the church morally and financially To reach out to people outside the church community with a spirit of Love and oneness List of founding members Late Pa Benson Mr. Adams Mr., Campbell Mr. J O Adelaja Mr. C L Fagbile Mr. Willy Fagbo Mr. S O Leigh Mr. Olorunkoya Mr. A A John Mr. E o Macaulay Mr. Moses Okeleye Mr. Bolaji Vincent Mr. C A Kasunmu Mr. I L Osunsedo Mr. J M Akinloye Mr. T A Adegbulugbe Mr. B B Johnson Mr. Magbagbeola Initially, the society was a one-gender society (masculine). Women were brought in at the later stage of the society to propel its activities.

Christ Little Band Founded: July 1st 1979

In dire need of another youth society in the church, the society was formed with the 1978 confirmees Aims and Objectives To assist the church morally and financially To foster unity and promote peace, love, benevolence and spirit of brotherhood amongst members. List of foundation members Bro omolaja Adepegba Bro Titus Ajanaku Sis Comfort Aiyenukoh Bro Samuel Ojekunle Bro Moses A. Adeleke Bro Ademola Ipadeola Bro Charles E Williams Bro Moses O Tinubu Bro Olalekan olakanmi Bro Claudius Akinsorogu Bro Godfrey Ishekwene Bro Emmanuel O oyewolu Sis. Aderonke Adewunmi Sis. Clara A Gansallo Sis. Olufunke komolafe Sis. Mojisola Banjo Sis Taiwo Okedun Sis. Adepeju Abiodun Sis. Omowonuola Ariyo Sis. Abimbola Ariyo Affiliations: Affiliated to the national body of CLB in the Anglican, Methodist and African Churches

Christ Morning star. Founded: 1948

List of Foundation Members Late Pa Sotire. Mrs. Olufowokan Late Mr. Adebajo Mr. Olufemi Late Mr. Obe Rev. J A Soremekun Late Mr. Adeyemi Pa Omere Late Pa Olodun Mr. Adefuye Mr. Ogunnaike Mr. S O Benson

Christian Torch Bearer Founded: November 27 1982

Motto/Anthem "Dedication to Service" "to Bear the Torch of Christ" A few older members of the Anglican Youth fellow-Formation Ship (AYF) within the same age bracket got together with a view to propagating the ideals of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as well as to uplift the image of St. Peters Church (Faj)I Lagos with the Anglican Communion in Nigeria. Aims and Objective To render useful service in the vineyard of God and play active role in its management To promote healthy Christian fellowship with spiritual growth and development amongst members To encourage advancement of evangelism and the Promotion of devotion service to facilitate improvement and well-being of members as Christians. To promote and encourage healthy family values and provide adequate support for advancement of youth development within our Parish. List of Foundation Members Bro Dayo Savage Bro Toyin Iyun Bro Tunde Fasina Bro Deji Kobiti Bro Muyiwa Fasina Bro Yemi Ajanaku Bro Akin Odewole Bro Segun Ajanaku Bro Niyi Adebanjo Bro Daramola Ajanaku Bro Dokun Ipadeola Bro Akin Willims Bro Micheal Akinola Bro Dayo Samuel

Egbe Ireti Founded: April 1915

A strong faith and hope to build a dignified Church Aims and Objectives To contribute towards the progress and the development of the church spiritually and financially List of Foundation Members Mr. B.B. Jonhson Dr.(Mrs)Akinyemi Mrs. Rosannah Abdul Mrs. D.E.Hilton Mr. S.D.Morgan Mr. J.O.Adeleye Mrs. F.B.Adelaja Mrs. Barber Mrs. P.Shidi Mrs. Akinloye Mrs. E. Benson Mrs. Da-Sailva Mrs. Elizabeth Fagbile Mrs. Hannah Fabunmi Mrs. Lucrecia Pomphilo Mrs. P Anthony Mama. Odedina

Egbe Iye Founded: 1884

The need to spread the Gospel Aims and Objectives Evangelization- to reach out to as many as possible List of Foundation Members Mrs. Hellena Fatoregun Doherty-(Founder) Mrs. Ojo (Secretary-women's wing) Mr. S.O.B. Adams-(Secretary-Men's wing) Pa Majek Akinloye Mrs. Esubi Mrs. Sarah Obadina (Treasurer) Mrs. Juliana John Mrs. Lydia Williams Mrs. Marian Orenuga Mrs. Ekundayo Mrs. Joseph Mrs. Oyemade Mrs. Ojo Mrs. Adebimpe Mrs. Olowu Mrs. Akande Mr. E.A. Oyebanjo Mrs. C.O. Oyebanjo Mrs. Akinwale Mrs. Adeniji Mrs. E.M. Olowu

Egbe Oluwa Yio Pese Founded: July 1964

Good Hope The ideal of forming this society was conceived among the newly Confirmed Parishioners in 1964.In November 1965, the Inauguration service was held by the Vicar-in-Charge, Rev. Ayodele. Aims and Objectives To participate in the service and other activities of the church To proclaim the doctrine of Jesus Christ among people To encourage members to be hopeful in Christ List of Foundation Members Mr. Johnson Kolawole Ademodi (President) Late. Mr.C.Olufeyisan (General Secretary) Mr. Kola Akinpelu (Financial Secretary Treasurer) Mr. Femi Omo Mrs. Alice Akinlalu (nee Akinlade)

Good Will Society Founded: 1963

Principally formed to bring together young school leavers and artisans who were dutifully bound by faith to truly worship, serve and assist in the proclamation and Evangelization of the Gospel. Aims and Objective To promote Christian faith amongst youth To encourage members to enlist in church activities as lay readers, Choristers, Sunday School Teachers etc. To morally and spiritually assist members and the less Privilege in the society List of Foundation Members Bro A.A. Odukayo- President Bro. T A. Osisanya-VicePresident Bro M.A. Osisanya- Gen.Secretary Bro. O. Osunsami-Asst.Gen.Secretary Bro J.I. Dosunmu Taiwo- Treasurer Bro Lawrence Taiwo- Fin. Secretary Bro. Ayo Banjoko- Social / Publicity Secretary Bro Benjamin Oguntubo- Social / Publicity Secretary Pastor Olusegun Talabi- Auditor Bro Stephen Ojafoye- Welfare Officer Bro. Isreal Adegbesan- Ex-officio Pastor Jonson Okubaki Pastor Ayo Agbalajobi Bro Robertson O. Runsewa Mr. Adebayo Morgan- Patron Chief Ade Adewunmi- Patron Mr. O.A. Oduntan- Patron Mrs. G.B. Sotire- Matron Mrs. V.A. Oyedele- Matron Mrs. J.A. Awokoya- Matron

Egbe Ifeloju Founded:June 1980

Presence of a certain age group that were either too old for one society or too young for another, hence the need to bring them together under one group. Aims and Objectives To harmonise love and friendship among members To enable members have a sense of belonging in the church To help the poor and needy To offer assistance to the old and aged List of Foundatoin Member Mrs. Folorunsho- Founder Mrs. D.Agboola Mrs. Dupe Omololu Mrs. Ranti Maclean Mrs. Lande Dekalu Mrs. Remi Khama

Irawo Sasa Founded: 1936

For children creche. For biblical injunction and teaching while adults are having their own service. Aim and Objectives To serve as a nursery for the children where Christian nursery rhymes and stories are taught to children To infuse in them right from infancy the awareness of God in keeping with Prov: 6: 22 "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it." To prepare and graduate them into Boys and Girls Guide List of Founders Members Rev. S.J. Gansallo- Founder Mrs. Ekundayo- Founder Dr. Senbanjo Affiliations: Total affiliation to the Church's Lady Workers Union and the Sunday School. Other information: Mama Mrs. C. O Oyebanjo and Mrs. C. I Dosunmu were the coordinators with the Lady Workers assisting Members: All Childern between the ages of 3years to 7 years.

Ladies Christian Fellowship (LCF) Founded: September 1939

Formed out of desire to offer service in the church Aims and Objectives To improve the Standard of the church by offering spiritual, moral and financial assistance To actively participate in all church activities To foster mutual understanding and co-operation amongst its members List of foundation members Late.Sis. Olatobi Ashley-Dejo- Founder & 1st President Late.Sis. V.A. Gansallo- Lady Chairman/ Vice president Late.Sis.O.O. Olufowokan- Secretary Late.Sis.V.A. Thomas- Treasurer Late.Sis. Sunbo Leigh- Social Welfare Officer Late.Sis .Esther A Omololu Late.Sis. Olu Savage Late.Sis. B.A. Sodeinde Late.Sis.F.O Onatoye Late.Sis.Ayo Lawson Late.Sis. Adenike Lafevre Late.Sis. Omolara Williams Late.Sis. V.A. Oyedele Late.Sis.A.Ogunro Late.Sis. Eric Moore- Matron Late.Bro.[Chief] A. Omololu- Patron Motto: "God First" Society's Colour: Purple and White

Ladies Friendly Society Founded: July 1964

That member could use the acquaintanceship forum as an opportunity to spread the gospel and serve God. Aims and Objectives To reach out to the world through involvement in the different areas of service in the church thereby spreading the Gospel as commissioned by our Lord Jesus Christ To uphold Christian principles by following Christ Examples List of Foundation Members Sis. Bisi Adeleye- President Sis.I.K, Durodola- Past Secretary Mr. Peju Adebajo- Secretary Sis. Bisoye Kuju Sis. Florence Odunusi Sis. Ijimakinwa Sis. Mejolagbe Sis. V.M.Dawodu Sis. Onanusi Sis. Oduntan Sis. Talabi Sis. Amoye Sis. Adeleye Late Sis.Abiodun

Lady Workers Union Founded: November 9th, 1932

A need for the formation of more societies in the church Aims and Objectives To help the poor and encourage love amongst members To work in the vineyard of the Lord To assist in the advancement of the Parish both morally and financially List of Foundation Members Mrs. B. Fagbile- President Mrs.Fagbo- Vice President Mama Green MRS.J.J Senbanjo Miss.O.Vincent- Secretary Mrs.A.A.Adefope Mrs.E.Adefope Mrs.E. Ademikan Mrs.G.B.Sotire Mrs.Ogunbiyi Mrs. Osinkanlu Mrs.L.A.Turner Mrs.Kayode Mrs.Arewole

Men's Friendly Society Founded: November 1944

Aims and objectives To promote brotherhood among its members and to contribute to the physical and spiritual growth of the church List of Foundation Members Pa A.O. Adeyeye- Chairman Chief L.A. Otusanya- Treasurer

Progressive Army of Christ Founded: August 2, 1958

To create an enabling Christian Life Where members will further Propagate the teaching of Jesus Christ. It is a fusion of two societies, the progressive society and Army of Christ. Aims and Objective To upgrade the Church and Christian life of both members and non members List of Foundation Members Late Mr.E.A.Williams- President Late Mr.J.A.Soremekun (Snr)- Vice-President Mr. V.A. Adeoye- Secretary Late Mr.E.O.Abiodun- Ass.Secretary Late Mr.C.A.Ogunmefun- Treasurer Late Mr. P.B. Komolafe- Auditor Late S.O.Ojekale Late Mr.A.Adeniji Late Mr.J.A.Soremekun(Jnr) Late Mr.Ajayi Thomas Late Mr.J.A.Ogunsakin Mr. V.A.Adeduro

Scripture Union Society Date founded: August 3, 1963

An inherent desire to assist the Church List of Foundation Members Mr.Eilija Oni- President Mr.G.F.Oladosu- Vice president Mr.J.O.Gbejuade- Gen. Secretary Mr.Olufemi Dare (nee Thomas) Mr.Muyiwa Fasina

St. Peter's Brotherhood of Youngman Founded: June 16, 1933

A conviction that the society's formation is the best way of generating both financial and moral support amongst the young member of the church Aims and Objective To assist St. Peter's Church by providing moral, spiritual and financial support in all spheres of activities; Particularly by ensuring that members discharge their financial obligations by regular and prompt payment of Church Maintenance and other dues. To foster and promote the spirit of unity, peace, love, benevolence and Christian brotherhood among its members. To encourage members to render services in various capacities To encourage and promote amongst members the habit of regular church attendance as well as regular private devotion. To provide for the dissemination amongst its members, information and knowledge of the major activities of an issues affecting the religious and social life of both St .Peter's Church (Faji) Lagos and the Anglican Diocese of Lagos and to promote and encourage discussion thereon. List of Foundation members Bro. J.Majek Akinloye- Chairman Bro. W.O.Fagbo- Vice Chairman Bro. J.O.A.Sofoluwe- Hon. Secretary Bro. J.A.Onabolu- Asst. secretary Bro R.F.Omotade- Treasurer Bro M.O.odejayi- Auditor Bro. I.O.Sopin- Collector Bro. W.R.O. Adedayo Bro. S.O.Leigh

Shepherd for Christ Founded: October 24, 1993

To keep alive the spirit of Anglicanism in the church To curb the exist of members (Youth) from Anglican Church and to acclaimed Spiritual churches Aims and Objective To propagate the Gospel and further enhance the understanding of the teachings of our lord Jesus Christ. To promote Christianity and Evangelism amongst youths in particular and humanity in general Actively participate in the children's church activities and other programmes in the church. Develop members morally and spiritually as well as contribute to the development of the society at large. Give necessary assistance to the less fortunate members in the society. List of Foundation members Rev. Yinka Akinlade Bro. Femi Daramola -President Bro. D.B. Soremekun- Social Secretary Bro. F. Ayoola Bro. A. Fisher Bro. B. Ayoola Bro. T. Akinwande Bro. O. Olaniyan Bro. Gbenga Oyewole Bro. A. Adegbulugbe Bro. O. Green Bro. A. Kuju Bro. F. Aranmolate Bro. A. Aiyeola Bro. F. Okunsanya Bro. K. Fasina Bro. B. Osunsedo Bro. O. Savage Bro. S. Sode Bro .A. Soremekun Bro. Oladele Adeniran Bro. Bisi Adeniji Bro. S. Bentil

The Lady Helper Union Founded: September 26th 1946

Aims and Objective To assist the church Spiritually and morally. To assist members and the needy in the church List of Foundation members Late papa O.O. Omololu- Chairman Late.Papa. Benson- President Late Mama L.S. Thomas- Lady President Late mama Benson- Vice President Late Mrs.F. Fasina- Secretary Late Pa S.O. Morgan- Male Secretary Late Mrs. Gansallo Mama B.S. Smith Late Mama O. Shote Late Papa Senbajo Sis. M. Komolafe

Women's Guild Founded: 1923

In recognition Spiritualistic and and moralistic role of women in the church, the wife of the first Bishop of Lagos, Late Mrs. melville Jones initiated the first meeting that led to the formation to the Guild which then was called "Women conference". The meeting was attended by expatriate women missionaries including Snr. Pastors' wives. The membership of the Guild was open to all baptized and married women of the church. it was later renamed women's 's Guild :-Egbe Aya Bishop' after the Bishop's wife. Aims and objective To boost the moral of women in the church and also develop Interest amongst women not legally married in the church. List of Foundation members Mrs. F.Mellville Jones- Founder Mrs. E.A.Wakeman Mrs. A.W.Smith Mrs. Hannah Burton Mrs. Brown Mrs. Barton Miss Matthew Deaconess A. I. Waite Mrs. T.A.J. Ogunbiyi- Lagos Mrs Lahanmi- Aabeokuta Mrs.Okuseinde- Ibadan Mrs.S.I.Gansallo- Ijebu-ode Mrs.T.S.Akinwakun- Ijebu-Remo Mrs.Adetayo Mrs. Oyebode- llesha Mrs. Sodipe- Ekiti

Youth Christian Band Founded: April 10 1988

To promote Christianity and its objectives To foster unity and love among Christians To cater for the welfare of members To promote healthy Interaction among Christians without political and sectional intentions. List of foundations Members Bro. Sunday Ayodele- President Bro. Jide Soremekun- Fin. Secretary Bro. Sola Madolagbe- Secretary Bro. Yinka Fisher- Asst Secretary Sis. Adeola Adeniyi- Tresurer Sis. Sola Kuju -Soc Secretary Bro. Toyin Adegede- PRO Bro. Fashola Okusanya- Auditor 1 Sis. Oyenika Olarogba- Auditor 11 Bro. Lanre Olaniyan- Chief Whip Bro Tunde Ayoola- Welfare Officer 1 Sis. Morenike Erikanoselu- Welfare Officer 11 Sis Adeola Adetiloye Bro. Tope Obaloja Sis. Omolara Akerele Bro. Yemi Soremekun Sis. Bose Fisher Bro. Sunday Ipadeola Sis. Tutu Olaniyan Bro. Gbenro Odebunmi Sis. Toyin Onanusi Sis. Nike Adedayo

Young Men Christian Association Founded: April 30th,1931

With an inherent desire to form a Christian family to assist the church and filled with the zeal to serve God and their fellowmen,15 young men Sought for a forum for self -expression and spiritual fulfillment, hence the formation of YMCA. Aims and Objective To support St. Peters Church (Faji) Lagos morally and spiritually at all times. To foster the spirit of brotherly love and Christian fellowship among members and to encourage them to live an active Christian life To initiate or assist in the execution of designed to help the needy whether by organization, churches, groups or individuals. List of foundation members Late Bro. M.O.Olufowokan- 1st President (1931 1952)&Past Vicar's Warden Late Bro. V.O.Kuju- 1st Treasurer and past people's Warden. Late Bro. F.O.Campbell- 1st Secretary and past people'sWarden at the cathedral church of christ,lagos. Late Bro. M.A.Banjo- Past Patron Ven B.A. Adelaja- patron since 1977 Bro. E.A. Banjo- 1st Asst.secretary General and currently,patron(since1981) Late Bro. M.O.Odejayi Late Bro. E.J.O.Olusanya Late Bro. C.A.Aina Late Bro. J.R.Banjo Late Bro. E.A.Onanuga Late Bro. O.Ososanya Bro. (chief) J.F.Osusanya


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