Our Services

Our devotional church services and various weekly activities are structured and divinely directed to impact spiritually the lives of everyone present. Testaments as to the power of the almighty God on the lives of the faithfuls has been pervading the atmosphere.

Kindly join us to witness the mighty power of God.

Check the schedules below to acquaint yourself with our days of worship and other spiritual activities..

Weekly Activities

Morning Prayers
Mon.-Sat. - 6:00am
Parish Women's Fellowship
Wed - 5:30pm
Mid-week Communion
Wed - 6:00pm
Confirmation Class
Mon , Fri & Sun - 12:00noon
PCC meeting
3nd Tuesday 6:00pm
Choir Practice
Tues and Thurs -6:30pm
Evangelical Ministry
Mon - 5:00pm
Thurs & Sun 4:00pm & 10:00am
Social Welfare Ministry
Thurs - 10:00am
Counseling Session
Thurs - 5:00pm
Girls / Ladies Guild
Sat - 4:00pm
Bible Study
Fri. - 6:00pm
Brigade Band Practice
Sat - 4:00pm
Vigil Keeping
Last Friday - 11:00pm

Devotional Services

Holy Communion Every Sunday 7:30am English
Bible Studies Every Sunday 9:00-9:45am Yoruba/English
Mattins Every Sunday 10:00am Yoruba
Holy Communion 1st 3rd 5th Sunday 10:00am Yoruba
Ministry Service Every Sunday 10:ooam English
Service Last Sunday 10:00am English/Yoruba
Sunday School Every Sunday 10:00am English/ Yoruba
Every Sunday Evening Evensong 6:00pm Every Sunday
Yoruba Holy Communion 2nd Sunday 6:00pm Yoruba
Community Hymn Singing 3rd Sunday 6:00pm English
Youth Evening 5th Sunday 6:00pm English


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