The History of St. Peter's Church Since 1853

The history of St' Peter's Church (Faji) dates back to the advent of missionary works in Lagos in 1852 by Catechist James White, Rev.Charles. A. Gollmer and Rev, Ajayi Crowther. (Later Bishop).

Rev. Charles Gollmer spent a few weeks with catechist James White at Ebute Ero mission station (in a tent) before moving on to establish the Breadfruit mission station at the former slave market on August 1852.

The Breadfruit station served as a temporal abode for him, while he was building a new mission house at the marina, locally referred to as Ehin-Igbeti.

Rev. Gollmer moved to the marina mission house after completion on October 23 1852 leaving Rev. Ajayi Crowther to oversee the Breadfruit station. As soon as he relocated to marina, he realised that the mission house at marina was not a good site for speedy evangelism on Lagos Island. Consequently he decided to establish a new mission station at an area that is well populated and will bring about easy evangelisation.

He then chose a site at Oko Faji (Odunlami street) and established a new mission station. Thus, the journey to the establishment of St'Peter's Church (Faji) began.

Oko Faji mission station, St. Peter's Church (Faji) Just like other stations served as an evangelical base for the proselytisation of Christianity and the nurturing base for new converts.

As the work of God continued to grow in that area, Rev. Gollmer laid the first ever foundation of a permanent church building in Lagos to house the congregation of St' Peter's church (Faji) in1853 at Oko Faji (Odunlami street- where the CMS Grammar school was founded, the site now occupied by Telecommunications department of NITEL and Lagos Island Local Government central Library) so, St' Peter's church Faji was born.

The Old St' Peter's church (Faji) was predominantly a Yoruba Speaking church until Gollmer and Townsend went back to England in1855, leaving Rev. Ajayi Crowther to take charge of the church. Rev. Ajayi Crowtherlater Introduced English Service into the church.

In 1860, St' Peter'schurch (Faji) relocated from Oko Faji [Odunlami street ] to Ajele street , the current location. Yoruba and English service continued in the church until 1869 when the English service congregation moved to marina and became Christ Church (Current Cathedral Church of Christ), leaving St' Peter's Church with Yoruba service only.

St' Peter's Church (Faji) has shown signs of greatness right from the beginning.

First, it assumed the status of the mission church (status Similar to the Cathedral Church) because it was the first ever church building to be erected in Lagos .

Second, it played host to the delegates who came from far and near to discuss the future of the Yoruba language in January 28th and 29th 1857 under the chairmanship of Bishop SamuelAjayi Crowther.

Third, it is the first and only church to host the Right Rev. Bishop Owen Emeric Vidal D.D, the first Bishop of the Diocese of Sierra-Leone on October 29th 1854 when he held a confirmation service in the Church.

The retention of "Faji" in the present name of the Church can be considered as a desire to hold on to the link between its past and present, that is, the old St' Peter's on Odunlami street at Oko Faji and the new St' Peter's Church on Ajele Street.

St' Peter's Church (Faji) had been led by Holy Spirit filled, dedicated and committed leaders (Vicars) from inception till date. The quality of good leadership St' Peters Church (Faji) had and is having had gone a long way to strengthen the good name and reputation the Church has been

Past and Present Vicars Since 1887

  1. T. B Wright:- 1887
  2. R. Coker:- 1906
  3. J. Ologundudu:- 1906-1910
  4. E. J Sowande:- 1910- Oct. 1918
  5. J. A Cole:- Nov. 1918- 1924
  6. S. V Latunde:- 1924- 1933
  7. S.J Gansallo:- 1933- 1936
  8. R.A Ashley Dejo:- 1939-1942
  9. L.G.A Jadesimi:- April. 1943- July. 1945
  10. W.R.B Kuye:- 1945 - 1954
  11. S. A Odeneye:- 1955-1957
  12. D.A Olugbile:- 1957- Sept. 1961
  13. S.B. Talabi:- Dec. 1963
  14. S.A.F Odunuga:- Jan.1964- Dec.1964
  15. A.O Ayodede:- Jan.1965- Sept.1965
  16. S.B Talabi:- Oct.1965- Sept.1970
  17. S.A Adewale:- Sept.1970- Aug.1972
  18. A. O Adewale:- Oct.1972- Aug.1973
  19. S. A Adewale:- Sept.1973- June1976
  20. E.O Folorunsho:- July 1976- Aug.1982
  21. S.S.O Sodipe:- Sept.1982- Jan.1987
  22. A.O Kuforiji:- Jan.1987- Dec.1988
  23. A.O Adeniyi:- Jan.1989- July1990
  24. B.O Okunuga:- Aug. 1990- June1992
  25. B.I Adewunmi:- July. 1992- Nov.10 1996
  26. S.B Akinola:- Nov.11 1996- July 28, 2002
  27. A.O Soleye:- July 28 2002- 15 Oct.2005
  28. S.O Olaleetan:- Oct. 2005- Dec.2011
  29. Tayo Aduloju:- Dec.2011- 4th April 2017
  30. Caxton E.O Akingbesote 4th April 2017 -18th Jan 2019

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